The Teacher's Toolbox is a hub that gathers all the resources a teacher might need to use Flowchase with students.

The toolbox has several tabs:

1) The first tab "Get started" with an introductory video that explains what the toolbox is and what resources it contains;

2) The teacher's textbook in the "Textbook" tab. In your textbook, you will find an introductory sheet for each activity (indicating the time and material needed to complete the activity), the exercises and the solutions. You will also have access to the student's textbook, similar to the teacher's textbook, but without the introduction to each activity;

3) Under the "My classes" tab, you will find one (or more) presentation(s) (different for each group) that you can use to introduce Flowchase to your students, in class. On one of the slides of the presentation, you will find the license key that your students must use to have access to the application. If you want to know in detail what is in this presentation, I invite you to read the article: "How can I invite my students to install Flowchase?"

At the end of the semester, you will also access your teacher's reports under this tab, giving you an overall view of your students' progress!

4) A "Documents" tab under which the following resources can be found:

  • The learning program;

  • The presentation used during the workshops;

  • A user guide (students and teachers version);

  • The teacher planner;

  • A checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten anything 😉

  • Access to our help center.

If you don't know where your toolbox is, I suggest you read the article: Where can I find the teacher's toolbox?

As you can see, the Teacher's Toolbox gives you access to many useful resources that will help you use Flowchase. If you have any questions about the toolbox or its contents, contact our team on our live chat. Thank you and happy teaching!

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