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How can I invite my students to install Flowchase?
How can I invite my students to install Flowchase?
Engage your students to use Flowchase by installing the app all together!
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We have prepared a presentation to help you introduce Flowchase in class to motivate your students to use the app.

This is a quick presentation with a few slides:

  • A video of a student using Flowchase as an introduction to the application;

  • A testimonial from a student;

  • Videos explaining the 3 types of activities in the app: tutorials, listening activities and speaking activities;

  • A slide containing a QR code that makes it easy to download the application.

  • A slide with a video that explains how to register on the application. This slide is very important because it also contains the license key your students need to be able to use the app.

Where can you find this presentation? In the teacher's toolbox in the "My Classes" tab. If you would like more information about your toolbox, I invite you to read the following article: What is the Teacher's Toolbox?

Your students are now ready to use Flowchase and improve their English spoken skills!

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