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Which learning programs are available in the app?
Which learning programs are available in the app?
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There are various learning programs available in the application to work on English pronunciation. The learning programs are organized according to 2 aspects:

  1. Specialized vocabulary

  2. Level of English

The programs currently available are the following:

  • General English - B1-B2

  • Business English - B1-B2

  • Legal English - B2

  • English for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) - A2-B1

We are continuously working on creating new programs that will be available in the coming months, for example, "How to do a presentation like a pro?"

If you would like to learn more about how the content is organized in each learning program, I suggest you read the article "Is vocabulary grouped according to themes (e.g. family, work, holidays,...) in Flowchase?".

If you are curious to discover our future learning programs or if you want to share your suggestions with us, feel free to write to us in the chat! We will be happy to help you 😊

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