In order to access the different exercises and use the Flowchase app, you need a license key. How does it work? There are two options:

  • Are you a learner? Your English teacher provided you with a license key when Flowchase was introduced in class. If you can't remember your license key, contact us through the live chat! We can provide you with your license key if you tell us the name of your institution and of your group.

If you are a learner and your English teacher doesn't use Flowchase, feel free to tell him/her about it and we will give him/her the necessary information.

If you don't have English classes, but would like to use the app, contact us and you could become a beta tester of the app.

  • Are you a teacher?

    • Have you ever been in contact with us and/or participated in our workshops? You can find your license key in your teacher toolbox in the "Get started" tab.

    • You have just discovered Flowchase and would like to discover the application? Contact us through the live chat, we will be happy to help you 😊

If you have any other questions about the license keys and how they work, contact our team on the live chat!

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