To get the best results, we recommend that you integrate our textbook and our app in your classes following a Flipped Classroom approach.

As a teacher, you can do this in two easy steps:

  1. Ask students to use the Flowchase app at home, before class.

    This gives them an opportunity to build confidence by practicing their spoken skills in their comfort zone, where no one will hear if they make a mistake. They can go through our tutorials at their own pace to learn about pronunciation features, and get personalized feedback on speaking activities.

  2. During class, use our textbook to put what students have learnt into practice.

    It is full of resources and ready-to-use activities to spark interaction among students and have fun. Doing this optimizes your class time: instead of spending it explaining pronunciation features, you can skip straight to practice and give your students more opportunities to speak in interaction.

Happy teaching!

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