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How can I see my progress or my students' progress?
How can I see my progress or my students' progress?
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As a learner, you can see your progress as you use the application. You can repeat the activities several times to improve your score!

As a teacher, you can observe your students' progress thanks to the progress reports. The progress reports give you an overview of:

  • The progress of a specific group;

  • The individual progress of each of your students.

Where can I find the progress reports?

You can find the progress reports in the "My Classes" tab of the teacher toolbox. Click on "Class progress report" of the group you want to see. You will then have access to several data (average time spent per student, total number of recordings, total number of activities completed, ...). Our color code (green-red) will show you the progress of the group in respect to the different modules.

If you want to track your students' progress in more details and access individual data, just click on "download CSV".

If you have any questions about your progress or the progress of your students, please feel free to contact our team 🙌

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