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Is vocabulary grouped according to themes (e.g. family, work, holidays,...) in Flowchase?
Is vocabulary grouped according to themes (e.g. family, work, holidays,...) in Flowchase?
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The organization of the content of the modules depends on the learning program.

The modules in the "Business English" and "General English" programs are not organized according to different vocabulary topics (such as jobs, vacations, family), but according to aspects of pronunciation 🗣

For example, in the first module called "Focus Pocus", students learn about sentence stress and how to improve their intonation to be clearly understandable. In the third module, "Stress who's back?", they learn about stressed syllables within a word.

The main aspects of pronunciation that we cover are: intonation, stressed syllables, -ed endings, vowel contrasts.

The "Legal English" program is organized according to two criteria:

  • Aspects of pronunciation, like the other programs mentioned above;

  • Vocabulary. As legal vocabulary is very specific, we have decided to organize this program according to different themes (criminal law, vocabulary used in court, judgments and sentences, professions in the legal sector, ...).

Each module deals with one of the major topics in legal English and works on one or more aspects of pronunciation. For example, the module on criminal law will work on vowel contrast and word stress. In the module on persuasive argumentation or legal expressions, we will be working on intonation.

If you have any questions about the content of our different programs or if you have any suggestions about our programs or pronunciation aspects, please feel free to write to us in the live chat! We look forward to hearing your suggestions 😊

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