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Can my device run the Flowchase app?
Can my device run the Flowchase app?
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The Flowchase app gets regular updates to take advantage of your device's features and stay up to date with your device's operating system. The app can be used on most modern smartphones, with the following requirements:

  • On Android, the minimum version is Android R (11)

  • On iOS, the minimum version is iOS 12.4

  • We provide feedback on recorded speech, so your device needs to have a microphone.

  • We encrypt your credentials on-device and cache some data locally to improve your experience, so your device must have a small amount of free storage available.

Flowchase comes with a companion textbook, which can be used on any device that can read PDFs. You can optionally have the textbook printed, thus not needing to keep it on your device.

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